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Christmas Vixen Challenge

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Happy December 1st hotties!!! It's our yearly Christmas Vixen Challenge! If you're one of my clients, be watching your email today for your new guide. New Christmas recipes, 3 day slim down, self care and more! We have 31 days to make the most of 2021! I do this challenge to help you stay in control of your goals and still enjoy and have fun as well. This challenge comes free with your Bikini Bootcamp membership.

If you're not in, what are you waiting for?? Join now to get a headstart on your goals!

The goal with this month is to enjoy your favorites and mix in some yummy, nutritious options as well! So delish smoothies on the go! If cocktails are your thing, drink a water in between the next one! Also, take time to rest, Hallmark and chill. Drinking tea at night will help keep up your hydration and keep you warm as well. If you're feeling super fatigued during this season, switch up a hard workout with a gently walk, stretching or yoga.

I can't wait to do this challenge with you!! Keep checking in and tag me!

Happy Holidays!

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