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10 Minute Workout Videos

Happy Wednesday ladies!! You asked for it and here it is! I'm adding more beginner workouts to YouTube and you girls are the first to know.

Getting back into a workout routine can be overwhelming, exhausting or just plain thinking "I don't want to do this." But I'm here to encourage you! Do you have 10 minutes you can spare each day?? If you do, then you can totally knock out one of my quick YouTube videos! I also encourage my clients to start small and take baby steps and you will go further in your journey. As a mom adding a new thing to my calendar can cause instant anxiety and push back. Once I get into my routine and do a few times I realize it's totally doable.

Do it when you first wake up, on your lunch break or when your kids are entertaining themselves.

In my Bikini Bootcamp I focus on interval training. Basically it's the best bang for your buck because it works all your muscles throughout the week in a short amount of time! In these

3 quick videos, I focus on All over toning, HIIT and Core and Abs. A strong core helps your workouts become more effective and protects your spine.

Let's do this hotties!! Comment below if you're gonna give 1 or all 3 workouts a try!

***Trainer tip- If you're advanced, you can go through all 3 videos for a full 30 min. sweat sesh!

Are you ready to take your fitness up to the next level??

Workout with me and other women! It’s all in my new app! It’s like having a Personal Trainer in your pocket!

You can---

  • Choose your workout days

  • Graphs that show progress

  • Private message me

  • Modifications for workouts

  • Personal cheerleader

  • All my programs in one place- Bikini Bootcamp, Bikini Bootcamp 2, Bikini Bootcamp Strength and Walk to Running Series

This has been a HUGE dream of mine for years and I finally made it happen so your experience is even better!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

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