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Water and Walking Challenge!

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

It's here girls! My new Fitness Challenge! My goal as a trainer is to get women up and moving their bodies daily! I do these challenges in my private fb group to encourage you to move your body. For February we are doing a 30 day Water and Walking challenge, starting tomorrow! Come join the challenge here:

Being a Personal Trainer I know the importance of drinking water, but having chapped lips and fatigue this week at our house this week made me realize we are not drinking the amount of water we need. This is inspired the Weekly water and walking Challenge!

Use any type of water bottle, I'm sharing my favorite gallon water bottle water.

1 Gallon Water bottle:

This works great when I'm at home all day and don't want to keep filling up. You can also grab a 32oz water bottle and fill it up 3x a day. Whatever water bottle you choose, be sure and log your water daily!

Without adequate water flushing toxins and food out of our system we hold onto weight. Water is like a fiber and being dehydrated can give us brain fog, make us feel tired, make our blood pressure rise and a host of other things. Almost all Americans are dehydrated. That’s a crazy statistic. Don’t let it be you! Drink up!!

The recommendation for a sedentary individual is 64oz. If you are active it’s 91 oz per Personal Training guidelines, I have my clients start switching out 1 drink at a time and work their way up if this is too much at once.

Your Liver, your blood and kidneys can hold onto stuff that you need to flush out with water. It’s a simple life change that can literally change your insides. I can’t stress this enough.

If you are running or working out you will need to up your water intake, this is just the baseline for your daily needs.

I've added a cute free calendar you can print to mark off your daily water intake.

When my girls were 6 months old I started introducing water in a sippy cup they could hold onto and I offered it at every meal. Now it's their number one drink, and even though they love Coke or Juice as a treat, they always ask for water and they both have a favorite Tervis or Disney Themed water bottles and we fill it up all during the day. My girls know if they are sick or have been playing outside they have to take water breaks often. I believe starting them young on water starts an early love of water and healthy lifestyle.

Just a few reasons to start drinking more water!

Benefits of water:

*Increased energy

*Relieves fatigue

*Improves mood

*Treats headaches and migraines

*Increased metabolism

*Helps build and repair muscle

*Great for the skin and keeps you looking young

*Flushes toxins

*Boost your immune system

*Great for your joints, aches and pains

*Maintains pH balance in the body

*Promotes regularity and helps digestion

If I have you convinced to start drinking more water then come join my weekly water/walking challenge! I'll share my free water and walking challenge PDF's in my FB group! Use hashtag #tinawaterchallenge so I can see your results on instagram/facebook!! I've also started a FB group for our challenge-

I'm excited that 2022 will be the healthiest, fittest year for our family and I hope it will be for you as well.

Leave us a Comment below if you are participating in our our weekly water challenge can't wait to hear and see your results!!

Wanna know more? Check it out here:

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