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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Trampoline today

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Ready to beat the sagging that comes with age??

Add some bounce to your day!

I love this mini trampoline because it has a bar you can hold on to. It's perfect for kids as well. Had a bad day at school? Have them bounce! Are they bouncing off the walls? Have them bounce on the mini trampoline!

My mini trampoline:

TOP 10 Reasons why you need a Trampoline:

  1. It relieves stress and gives your body energy.

  2. Have brain fog? Bounce for a few minutes to clear your mind.

  3. It creates new cells. Jumping up and down activates 75 trillion cells. Cells hold toxins, and bouncing cleans the cells of toxic waste!

  4. Rebounding keeps you young. Woop!! Trampolines slow down the aging process caused by the gravitational pull, counteracting the sag that often comes with aging.

  5. It's safe on your joints. Jumping on a trampoline helps with overall balance and coordination, perfect for people of all ages.

  6. Strengthen your heart and lungs! A sedentary lifestyle increases cardiovascular disease, leading to different heart problems. If you're looking for great exercise that keeps your heart healthy and strengthens your lungs, a trampoline is it.

  7. Improves digestion, drains the lymphatic system, and helps with tummy issues and cramps for women.

  8. Helps with lower back pain! Bye-bye Tylenol!

  9. Helps strengthen bones!!

  10. Last but not least, hello!!! It's so much fun!!!

Rebounding for just 10 minutes a day can reset your lymphatic system and wake up your organs and your brain. It's an easy way to tap into your energy system. After sitting at my computer for hours I can start to feel on edge and have the feeling of crawling out of my skin but a quick jump sesh and I'm ready to get back to work.

Do you get monthly cramps that derail you? Try some light bouncing to get your blood pumping and provide a natural relief.

Do you have lower back pain but hate taking OTC Drugs? Try rebounding for 10 minutes.

Rebounding helps provide overall balance support and strengthening so it's perfect for anyone at any age. I love finding new ways to heal and improve our wellness that is natural and cost-effective.

Try out one of my older quick workouts! It's an oldie but a goodie!

My goal for my community is to always be looking for creative ways to move our bodies. Trampoline workouts will do just that. How do you get creative with moving your body?! Leave us a comment below! We'd love to hear from you!!

I have an entire playlist of 10-minute workouts to get you moving! Subscribe to my playlist here:

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