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8 Items you need to grab on Prime day!

I'm always looking for ways to save money and I know you are to! These are my top 8 Fitness Prime Day Deals!

#1 Create your playlist

Stop and drop what you’re doing and grab up these Earbuds!!! Hands down my fav!! I bought mine, NOT on sale!! Lol. They last for weeks without being charged and never fall out of my ears. NOW they are on Prime day!!! Eeeeeek!!! I’m about to buy another pair for my outdoor runs since I keep these in my workout room!. These stayed in while I did my beach run!!! ad: #rosegoldmysignaturecolor

#2 Make those muscles pop!

My favorite self tanner is on Prime deals!

This is the only sunless tanner that doesn’t cause a rash and I’ve tried everything on the market!!

#3 Fuel yourself well

I use this protein powder daily and its only $15 on Prime day deals!! Stock up ladies!!

It's vegan so gentle on the tummy, taste great and even my kids love it!


My ginormous Water Jug is on Prime deals!

Let me know when you snag this deal-

Then check out my Free Water Challenge here on the blog:

#5 Pick up heavier weights

These adjustable weights will help you level up! If you've been at the same weights for awhile it's time to grow, girl! These go up to 55 Lbs! They are an investment, but it beats having a whole rack, these are very compact and can be stored anywhere.

They are on Prime deals and perfect if you are upgrading your workout space.

#6 Workout mats

If you workout everyday like I do you can always use a fresh mat! This is my most recent one and it's got cushion that I need to protect my wrist.

#7 Kettlebells

Switching up your workouts and adding new gear can really bring some energy to your workouts! I love kettlebell workouts and this pink one is on Prime deals today-

#8 Get your cardio in

This is my 2nd ProForm Treadmill, I had my first one for 12 years and gifted it to my family. It's built well, can handle daily runs and multiple users. I love that it connects to my Ifit and saves my knees from running outdoors.

What deals did you snag on Prime day? Let us know below.

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