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30 DAYS, 30 Workouts, Challenge Accepted

Maybe you're like me and you're a little overwhelmed with school starting back. Maybe you were crushing your workouts in the summer, and here you are a month into the school year and you're running out of time for workouts, you're grabbing fast food, and 5lbs later you're mad at yourself for letting all your hard work just be thrown away.

I know that exact feeling because I am her.

I let the school year completely derail me of my macros, and my discipline and I go into auto mode which is not healthy for anyone.

Listen I get it. I wish I could eat fast food every day and never gain an ounce, but we all know that's not where our happiness lies and we know the right things to do we just don't do them.

Okay, now zooming back in... Are you thinking what I'm thinking?? Yes, IT IS time for a new challenge! Let's take it step by step, what do you get...


  • 30 days of workouts

  • 30 days of online access to a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach(yours truly! ;) ) Yes I TEXT you!

  • Beat out your competitors on the leaderboard in my exclusive app

  • Earn points for working out, cardio, drinking water, and hitting macros

  • Prizes for earning points and winning challenges

  • Private Community FB group

YOU GET ALLLLL that for only $37!!

Everyone talks about losing weight online, but losing weight short term and actually keeping it off are two different things. Honestly, the last thing you need is another Instagram Coach telling you, you need to work out more. What you need is a proven workout program that doesn't make you cringe.

Brittany ROCKED out my new Bikini Shred Nutrition Coaching!

So what's the deets? Sign me UP!

  1. Join my Bikini Shred program only $37

  2. Receive your 30-day Guide by email

  3. Download my App Android Or IOS

  4. I will add you to the 30-Day Challenge group in the app

  5. Get your first 7 Days FREE in the app

  6. Start earning points on September 1st for the challenge

Nothing can stop you now-

  • One-month commitment to yourself

  • One month of encouragement from me

  • One month of feeling lighter and more energized

  • One month to a better night's sleep

  • One month to jump-start what you've been saying you were gonna do all year long

  • 4 Weeks, one month, 7 days 4x, no matter how you say it, it will FLY by girlfriend!

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