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Transformation Thursday

Y’all last year I was struggling with my thyroid again and I always know I’m in a flare up when my belly bloat comes back. Hypothyroidism is a condition where your thyroid doesn’t release enough thyroid hormone into your bloodstream and it makes your metabolism slow down, also known as under-active thyroid. It can make you feel tired, gain weight, bloat, have extreme fatigue along with so many other issues. It’s also triggered sometimes by eating gluten, or dairy or when you’re under stress. So even as a trainer I had to get strict with my diet again and prioritize sleep over work and fun and meal prep individual meals for myself so I could get myself back on track.

If you are where I was a year ago I hear ya girl! I understand. The first thing I would do is get a full blood panel done from your doctor, rule out thyroid issues or other issues that may be causing weight gain. If it’s not that I would look into what vitamins your body is lacking. Then I would prioritize sleep, make your meals ahead of time so you’re prepared, cut out foods that may be causing inflammation like fast food and cut out unneeded stress, and make life simpler until you can get your body back to functioning like it should. I would also encourage you to start journaling, I have a perfect journal for that! It’s my 12 week CT Fitness journal that will help you log groceries, your meals, your water and all your workouts and cardio sessions.

This 12-Week Fitness Journal has everything you need to transform your body and mind!

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Self-Love Journal Preparation Checklist Fitness Goals Measurement Tracker Weekly Meal Planner Daily Meal Planner Daily Workout Log Inspirational quotes

Now that I’ve gotten it under control, I’ve been able to lose 10 lbs, have energy, sleep better and complete my workouts and still have energy for the day!

Have you struggled with weight gain in the past or now?? How is it affecting your daily life?

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