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Transformation Thursday

Updated: Apr 5, 2022


In 2017 I decided to take control of my workouts and become a Certified Personal Trainer. I was overwhelmed after having a very rough high risk pregnancy with Eme and it was after the loss of our 3rd in 2015. So I felt like I couldn’t get over the loss until Eme was in my arms. I then decided I wanted to help other moms. So many trainers had never had kids and spent 2 hours in the gym. I just couldn’t make that work with 3 kids, so Bikini Bootcamp was born! Real moms, real food and quick workouts. That’s where it started!

We are in December ladies!!! When you join my program you can access to me as your Personal Trainer and cheerleader, all of my workouts are my in app, app can be downloaded in the Android or IOS store. Yesterday we started my annual Christmas Vixen slim down! If you were a Bombshellmama in the past you’re ready!! Recipes, workouts, encouragement!

Here's the first day of advent calendar-

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