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My new Home office!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Happy Monday Babes!! I have been working on this space for a few months now and I finally have it the way I want it. I can focus on my certifications, my clients and homeschooling my three girls. It's probably my favorite space in the whole house now! What's your favorite space? Is it your office? Your bedroom? Maybe it's your kitchen! Whatever it is, I hope it brings you joy!

My chair was bought at TJMaxx a few years ago in my old office, but I have linked a few similar ones that I love! Pink is one of my favorite colors so I knew I would incorporate this into my new office. My style now is boho meets farmhouse. I love incorporating the two different designs into my decor.

Are you following me on the Liketoknowit App? Come join me! Here's the link to follow all my home decor, work out gear and affordable mom fashion-

Direct link to office inspo:

Have a fabulous Monday!

xo Christina

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