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Mom's Run The World!

Morning Bombshellmamas!!! Grab a cup of jo! ☕️It’s time for a chat!

We all know moms run the world! We do, between diaper changes, raising tiny humans, raising big humans, being the taxi, being the shoulder to cry on, the Maid, the chef... all our fabulous hats we get to wear it can start to take a toll. But I want you to ask yourself, you show up for your family, you’re consistent for your family but are you consistent with yourself? We all have that one friend or acquaintance whenever plans are made she can’t make it, her kids, her tv show, her dog, something is always in the way, but what happens you start to lose faith in that friendship and eventually you give up and move on. We all do. But what if that one friend is you? What if you make promises to yourself and you don’t keep them? I know I have been that person! Don’t let that inner flake come out. Do something healthy today! Make yourself a priority. Make health a priority.

In my 20’s I was addicted to Mountain Dew, Coke Icees and Starbucks Frappuccino, even while working at a Chiropractor clinic, surrounded by health and wellness and finally I had had enough.. it’s a shock my teeth didn’t fall out. I finally made the commitment and stuck with it. I said okay, I’m giving up the Dew and Frappes for one week and drinking only water. That one week turned into 2, then 3, then 4 and now it’s such a habit I get a water even when I do want to treat myself because it’s a habit. I decided to get healthy and change how I feel. Turns out drinking water really does make you feel refreshed. Now even when we go to any restaurant my first pick is water with lemon. Now I work out and it’s easy, it’s like a habit. It’s no longer a chore that I would dread. I actually feel bad all over when I don’t workout.

But what if I never gave up the Mountain Dew and the Frappuccinos’s and the Cokes and never kept my promise to go to the gym, do what I needed to do even when I didn’t feel like it. Where would I be? I think about that a lot and then I think, what do I need to change today? How can I be more consistent with myself? What about you, friend? What do you need more of in your life? What would make you feel better? What promise can you keep with yourself today to make better choices! For everyone it’s different, maybe you’re good at drinking water but you can’t get rid of desserts, or maybe it’s not working out, even a brisk 15min. Walk always makes me feel better.

So today.... Friday, January 31st we are just revving up for this year. What’s one small thing you can do keep that promise, that resolution, to

be consistent and take care of yourself today?❤️

Don’t flake today girl! You got this and I’m your biggest cheerleader!🙌🏻

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