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‼️Fitness Myth‼️; You should go all out each workout?

‼️Fitness myth‼️

You have to go hard every single workout and burn all the calories you can in one session. That’s a myth that needs to go! Here’s why-

💡 If you go all out everyday you will start to hit cardio drift and wear your body out and experience burn out that’s hard to recover from.

💡If you do the same low to no intensity everyday you will go nowhere but just stay the same.

Here's what is what I recommend for you instead.

🔥Go super hard one day(85%-max heart rate)

Think Bikini Bootcamp HIIT workouts, sprints, interval runs

🔥Moderate next day- 55%-75% max heart rate

Bikini Bootcamp videos, walk/jog, hiking, etc..

🔥 Lower level, keep heart rate at same level 35%-55% of max HR. Think light jogging, walking, easy for you Bikini Bootcamp videos that keep your HR the same the entire workout.

Then take a rest day.

💪🏼 Playing with your heart rate levels and mixing things up will be the best for fat burn and maintaining your Bikini Bootcamp training schedule. This is why I incorporate low level days and High intensity days and rest days. Don’t discount those low level days where I’m holding you back but you feel like you could work in that level all day, I’m just preserving your energy for the harder work days.

Do you go all out every workout? Or keep it the same or switch it up? Let us know in the comment section below!

Not sure where to start? I have a 2 week library of 10 Minute Beginner workouts to get you moving. I have 3 workouts here to work your entire body. Lower body, Upper body and Core! Try one out and comment and let me know how you feel.

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You don't need an entire gym of equipment, you need your cute self a mat and water bottle and a couple of weights to get started.

Lower level 10Min. Upper Body Beginner

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