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☕️Coffee Chat with Christina

It seems I have totally mastered the art of drive thru this week. I blew thru my coffee budget, but my oh my did that delicious piping hot cup deliver what was needed to help the stress of this week. My husband hit a deer in my van the first of November and I didn't get it back until January, but they messed up the air conditioning when they replaced everything so it's been in and out of mechanic shops since January 2nd. So today I sit here with no vehicle and time to chat. So let's talk about mom stress, crazy weeks when you are NOT in control of your schedule, how to get your mind right, how to conquer it, and how to crush your goals this year.

Grab your cup of jo girl! I'm already 2 cups deep. Let's dive in.

3 Excuses I Have Made today...

  1. I’m tired... I’ve worked a lot this week, I'm stressed out about the car, the kids have too much going on.

  2. I ate a donut at breakfast today, so the whole day is ruined anyway. Might as well run through fast food to just make it easy. I never hit my goals anyway.

  3. I don’t have time today, my to do on my list is too long.

These are the statements that run through my mind that completely sabotage my progress. Do you feel me? Have you experienced those thoughts as well? You are not alone. Mother is hard...I mean harrrrrd. My goal as mom is just to be 1% better each time I get to this point and feel out of sync with myself.

This is a system to get all my frazzled to get you back on track and fast.

I'm here to help you so you can crush the whole mom life thing.

Everyday you do the same things but you aren't getting anywhere and you are more tired than the last. You feel like you're on a hamster wheel that doesn't stop.

  • Today you stop 🛑.

  • Give yourself a mom time out.

  • Write out the change.

You can and WILL create new habits that are so second nature you won't have to stress about them, you will just do them, they will be a part of you.

Your body is amazing! YOU my friend are amazing! There is still time to create the life of your dreams and I'm here to help you do just that. We were not meant to live in a constant state of stress even if that's what we've been used to for years. But when these times arise we have to pull ourselves back to center. Write things down and move forward.

First off Take a moment, close your eyes and thank God for your body, take a deep breath, now it let out, take another deep breath. Let it out slowly... Thank God for all the amazing things it has helped you do in your life, especially taking care of that beautiful little family of yours. Take another deep breath. Now let out a BIG sigh! I don't know about you but that felt good just breathing in a deep breath.

Diaphragmatic Breathing is amazing when you feel anxious.

Your first task is to set your bedtime. I can't tell you when to go to bed or when to wake up, everyone's schedule is different, but my goal for you is 8 hours tonight., yes tonight! I don't care if there is a new episode of Yellowstone or you want to binge watch Netflix. Bedtime for you comes first. If you're like me you go to bed early and you're not tired and your mind runs a 1000 miles a minute, but that's okay. This is just the starting point and it will be at habit after a few weeks and your body will crave your new routine you've set in place. Whenever I go through a busy or stressful season my sleep always takes a back seat so that's why we are starting there first.

Second: Grab your calendar and your

phone. Put all your appointments, kids activities, work meetings, everything you need to do for the next 2 weeks, write it all down.

Now, write down everything you need to do that's not an appointment like household task, car check ups, post office, and small errands.

It doesn't have to be completed today or right this second, we are just getting the calendar out of our brain and onto paper to free up some space.

Third: you're going to grab a notebook. You're going to write down 3 things you do that make you an amazing mom(they can even be tiny things) Don't think too hard, just write down the first 3 that come to mind. I'll start:

  1. I get my kids to school on time.

  2. I cook nutritious dinners a few times a week.

  3. I take my kids outside to ride bikes.

Now you go. How does that feel? See you're not as far off as you think. You ARE a good mom, you're just tired, and that's okay. You will start to feel better once you write it down and pull it under control.

The new bedtime routine and seeing all our task in one place will help us manage it better. It's not supposed to be perfect, it's just starting point of us getting our lives organized so we can move on to the important stuff.

If you've been feeling stuck lately, these small task will help you move forward.

Fourth: Grab your calendar again, we are mapping our week out with 3 things we will add to our week to make us feel better. Write these in your calendar. My Fitness Journal is perfect to check it all off and write it down you can grab that here if you don't have one yet:

  1. I will drink water everyday and log how much I had.

  2. I will move my body at least 10 min. a day with a quick workout.

  3. I will eat a piece of fruit everyday, or add it to my smoothie.

Now that everything is organized on paper, do you feel more in control? This isn't a long term fitness goal, or lose 10lbs, this is just to get our stressed moms brains under control. So small little task work better when you're here. As you feel more in control, you can add longer workouts, better meals, etc...

Fifth and final task for today:

Workout, do it right now as soon as you are finished reading this blog post. I've got tons of quick workouts right here on my blog. They are 10min. quick workouts to get your moving in the right direction. Just start. Start messy, start tired, start stressed, but just hit play.

Life is overwhelming, life doesn't stop, it just keeps bulldozing us down until we take control of our situations and guide ourselves to the right choices, we know we need to be making. You can't do it all in one day, or one week. But you do need to make tiny steps towards your health. I promise you will feel 100x better when your health is the #1 priority right now. Everything else will fall into place.

We have to make tiny movements towards what life we really want. That's why I had you write it all down. Writing it down and saying it out loud gives your brain the opportunity to work towards that goal.

Whatever is standing in the way of you completing your goals OR living the life you want, even if it's you, change it today. Just give this process a go for 7 days and we will chat next week. I believe in YOU! I know you can do hard things. I know you can overcome this overwhelming feeling everyday. If I can overcome it so can you.

I'm walking through this crazy life of mom-hood with you and I'm not going to let you give up or give in. We will check in next Thursday for our next Coffee Date.

***Note: My website is for informational and general usage only, not to be mistaken for medical advice. If you are so overwhelmed you cannot complete normal everyday task and think you may have depression, postpartum, worry of hurting yourself or others please reach out to a doctor, licensed therapist or call 911.

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