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Moving into a new house you never know what surprises are literally hidden beneath the floor. For us, it started with a basement window leaking and ruining my new blinds, then to the floor, walls and ceiling. I’m not sure the past owners kept up with the house like they should have. In October 2019 our deck was taken completely off and demolished and rebuilt. It’s funny how one tiny leak caused so much damage and turned into a massive project of work and money.

I started thinking that’s how our lives are. One tiny leak can ruin our entire house. One decision might not show up today, but what about in a year or 5 years or even 10 years down the road? Sometimes it’s not even necessarily a bad decision, it could just be an okay decision at that particular time that takes over. It consumes us and we wake up like what happened? Sometimes it starts with a thought we don’t control which then morphs into an action. We always have a reason why we chose what we chose; we convince ourselves it’s no biggie. We can always back up our actions with our own reasoning and excuses. If tiny negative actions make a huge impact, what do tiny positive steps do for us? They move us in the right direction. They keep the leaks from consuming us. We have so many leaks we can’t control and we never saw coming. But we can control the daily decisions.

There are only 9 weeks left of 2021. What tiny leak do you need to fix before the end of the year? What tiny leak is just a thought ready to consume your life? Is that leak your health? Your relationships? Yourself?

What if we challenged ourselves to recognize our "okay decisions" and ensure they are the right decisions for us?

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Love this ❤️ I have a few leaks I need to fix 😩

Christina Tremblay
Christina Tremblay
Oct 28, 2021
Replying to

You got this girl!! I'll be praying for you!

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