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Mexican Chicken Taco Soup

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

I love making soups in the winter and this is a new favorite of my husbands. It's a more fresh tasting soup then the traditional Taco soup that is more like a Chili.

This one is super easy! It's now added to our family rotation of favorite recipes. I know your family will love it to!

This soup is very fresh tasting and is perfect for Taco Tuesdays without the extra carbs!

2 Packages of Organic Chicken Tenders

2 Cups of Instant Jasmine Rice

1 Container of Pico De Gallo

1 Bunch of Chopped organic Cilantro

1/2 Cup of chopped yellow onion

2 Containers of Organic Chicken Broth

1 Taco Packet

2 Goya Sazon Packets

Salt and Pepper to taste


2 Limes cut in quarters to taste

2 Avocado's


You can either boil your chicken and then drain and shred, or you can put in Crockpot like I do, with half of the Taco Packet, 1 Sazon Packet and cook for 4-6 hours or until done.

After chicken is done, shred thinly.

Use Large Pot to add Chicken Broth and bring to a boil, then add rice, and bring to heat to med/low heat and add shredded chicken, chopped cilantro, pico de gallo, onions, 2nd sazon packet and salt and pepper to taste. I like to squirt some lime juice in the soup as well. Simmer for 20 min and then you can serve the lime wedges and avocado's as toppings for individual bowls. I thin slice the avocados and add them on top of each bowl.

Serve immediately and then drop a comment below how you liked this new recipe!

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