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2 Biggest Reasons your metabolism has slowed down

If you listened to the Backstreet boys, had mixed cd's, watched TGIF, had your hair cut like Rachel's, wore low cut jeans, or shopped at American Eagle you're probably wondering why your metabolism is slowing down. It's here, our new normal. Now we wear yoga pants and cycling shorts, use under eye cream, binge watch our favorite shows and can't go a day without coffee. Everything we did in our 20's is not working in our 40's and now we need a new plan. Suddenly our hips are wider, our lower belly constantly bloated, and we are tired allllll the time! Does that sound familiar?

Research shows the TWO Biggest reasons why your metabolism has slowed down are;

  1. Losing muscle

  2. Being less active

So losing muscle and being less active are 2 the biggest reasons why your metabolism slows down with age. So besides these two factors, everything else only has a minor effect. That's huge! That means we are in control of our metabolism and how fast or slow it goes as we age.

Now there may be other factors in play for some people, like thyroid disease and autoimmune disorders but even with those there are ways to still lose weight and have energy and feel better. I have Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's myself and have put them in remission. In the last few years I was able to lose 40lbs and get all my blood work to normal levels.

Before I turned 40 my goal was to age backwards and be younger than 40 in my "fitness age". The picture below is from my 40th birthday at Disney! This month I hit 35 on my fitness age! That fitness age is a calculation based on my activity level, my heart rate, how fast I can run, my biometrics, my weight and overall body composition. My next goal is to be 30! I want to be able to run around Disney, play ball with my kids, go sledding, jump on a trampoline, swim and do all the activities.

What's your goal before your next birthday? We have 6 months until the end of the year. What's your goal before 2023? Do you want to be active with your kids? Your doggies? Even your grandkids? Not wake up tired and go to bed tired? Be able to clean the house without getting winded? Run a 5K? Just run? Or walk without effort?

I would love to hear your goal in the comment section so I can cheer you on personally.

Keep reading to learn how to change up your metabolism this week.

I love the science on how our bodies work and have worked with trainers and been in the gym since I was 18. Back in the day it was all about becoming the best Cardio Bunny you could be. I worked at Gold's gym and every night after my shift I would spend about 45 min. on the treadmill and 30 min. on the stairmaster or elliptical.

I stayed away from the weight machines and heavy dumbbells afraid of the manly bulk I would gain. Now more science research has been done and years of studying women's bodies and the health industry has realized it's okay for women to pick up heavier weights, eat more food and follow a similar weight training schedule as our male counterparts. Women's bodies, unless you are taking steroids and/or PED's it's just not in our genetics to "bulk" up. Every body is different and some people naturally have more muscle tone or bigger bones so your frame and genetics will determine the outcome but, all of my clients have lost weight and built muscle, not one of them has "bulked up."

The cool thing about having more muscle, is that you actually burn calories faster than someone who has very little muscle. It takes your body more energy to keep up the muscle then it does the fat. Muscle tissue burns 7-10 calories and fat tissue only burns 2-3 calories. Having more muscle literally sets your metabolism on fire. That's my goal for you! Make your body work smarter, not harder.

Did you know! The speed of your metabolism is influenced by four key factors:

  1. Resting metabolic rate (RMR): How many calories you burn while you are resting or asleep. It is the least amount needed to keep you alive and functioning.

  2. Thermic effect of food (TEF): How many calories you burn through digesting and absorbing food. TEF is usually 10% of your daily calories burned.

  3. Exercise: How many calories you burn through exercise.

  4. Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT): How many calories you burn through non-exercise activities, such as standing, fidgeting, washing the dishes and other household chores.

So how do we rev up our metabolism in our 40's?

  1. Get moving more! Track your steps and aim to get a minimum of 10,000-12,000 steps a day. I know we are in the age of binge watching our favorite shows, scrolling for hours and getting away from our younger active lifestyles, but this is not the time to slow down. This is the time to get up and get going.

  2. Build muscle! Weight train at a minimum 2-3x a week , progressively get heavier, or add more reps to your set and challenge yourself each week.

  3. Prioritize your sleep and create a space of rest. We are in the height of raising kids, working, insane schedules and literally trying to do it all and sleep always comes last on the agenda, but will help you recover faster.

  4. Feed your body well. Eat more protein and don't skimp on carbs! We all cut carbs a few years ago and now our bodies are shutting down from no energy and feeling like crap. So eat those carb filled veggies and fruit and watch your metabolism take off. Stop eating Fast Food and treating your body like a garbage disposal and start eating like a well kept mansion!

BONUS tip! #5 Join Bikini Bootcamp to build muscle and kickstart your fitness journey today!

In my Bikini Bootcamp Program I teach you how to work-out quick and effectively, you don't even have to leave your living room. I incorporate different programs all in one easy to use app! In your initial consultation we can decide what level works best for you!

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Ready to rev up that metabolism and change your body composition? Let's do it girl!

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