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Good Reads

One of my New Years Resolution was to see how many good books I read. My goal was 1-2 a month, since you can checkout books from the library 2weeks at a time!

This is my current list I've read so far since January:

1. "Hands Free Mama' By Rachel Macy Standford

I love this one, because it gets rid of the mom-guilt we have to finish the to-do list and instead, put down our phones, tuck away our laptops and watch our kids play! I highly recommend this to any mom or #momboss. The book broke my heart and had me tears at certain points. My only wish is that I had read it sooner.

Become a Hands Free mama:

2. On Audible I grabbed up; The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up!" by Marie Kondo

I can report that I have decluttered almost every room in my house and cleaning and putting away is much easier now! :)

3. "Pretty Happy" By Kate Hudson

I LOVE Kate Hundson! She's one of my favorite Actresses and I really enjoyed this one for a perspective by a celebrity on getting fit. She talks about how her diet changed over the years. She encourages you to make a drawing board during your fitness journey and figure out what works for your body type and your favorite workouts! She's one of the few in Hollywood that didn't have to get a boob job to be successful! I totally relate to her since we have similar body types!

Become Pretty Happy:

4. "Body Book" By Cameron Diaz

This one was interesting because she uses scientific research on why our body needs certain foods, how it can change our overall health and help us perform at maximum! I love knowing why I need to eat certain foods and not just because they are good for you, but I like to know the details of each item I've put on my plate! Great read for anyone in fitness, looking to change their diet, heal their body and be amazing!

Plus it helps that she is also one of my favorite celebs!

5. "Tone It Up" by Katrina and Karena 28 days to Fit, Fierce and Fabulous

I LOVE K&K, I bought their nutrition plan in 2014 and have never looked back. They have changed my entire way of eating, when I eat and why I eat what I do. They inspired me to get Certified in Personal Training and help other moms just like myself who want to tone up and be healthy for their kids. They are my hero's in the fitness world! xo

6. "You Are A BadAss" By Jen Sincero

Ok, I know what you're thinking, have small kids and live a pretty clean life, what are you doing reading a book with a curse word in the title? Well just hold onto your holiness panties for minute and give this book a chance, I was shocked how much insight this girl has into relationships, why we believe what we do, and how that channels into our daily lives and either makes us successful or daily failures. If you want a kick in the booty(or a$$), grab this one up NOW!!! I mean, don't walk, RUN to the Library and request this title instantly. It will change your whole perspective on toxic people, your past, and how you have the ability to change your life right now, where you are. You can thank me


Become amazing:

7. "#GirlBoss" by Sophia Amoruso

This book was very interesting and took me by surprise. I had no idea the background of Sophia and where she came from before building her online clothing empire. Sophia will take you through her entire story and no matter what your past, or opportunities you have, mean nothing if you want it bad enough! She truly is the epitome of #Girlboss and every woman in business needs to read her story! It will inspire you to dream bigger and get off your butt and make it happen, no matter where you are, or what your passions are.

All my girlbosses:

I would LOVE to hear what your favorite books are and how they inspired you!!! I'm currently reading "Enemies of the Heart" by Andy Stanley and will add to my reviews what I'm finished!a

Grab your library card and read a book!



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