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Christina's Bikini Lean Shred

Christina's Bikini Lean Shred

Welcome to my Bikini Shred lean, cookbook, and macro guide.  This is your kickstart guide to Learning about Macros, How to track them, how to meal prep, my best tips, & how to set goals.


This is my method of getting in the best shape of my life!  I have tried many forms of diets and calorie restrictions, but I have to say, Macro tracking is my absolute favorite way to re-comp my body and hit my goals quickly.


Tracking macros can seem complicated, but this guide will help break it down in steps so you can hit your goals and see progress faster. Counting macros is different because you are feeding your body exactly what it needs instead of guessing or just “eating less”. This method helps you maintain your muscle and Feminine figure so you look like a babe in that bikini.


What's in the guide:

1. What Macros are and how to make them work for you

2. Meal Prep Tips

3. How to calculate your Macros

4. Goal Setting

5. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes

6. 55+ Macro Friendly Recipes

7. Easy Recipes to Follow

8. Tips from NASM Certified Trainer and Nutrition Coach Christina Tremblay





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