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Chocolate Mango Smoothie

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Smoothie's are the fastest way to get your protein and re-fuel after a sweat session.

And who doesn't love chocolate??

My clients know that smoothies are a staple in any of my meal plans.

Smoothies are easy, on-the-go meals. My kids love smoothies in the morning before school, they make a great afternoon treat and taste just like a milkshake, but keep you full longer with the protein.

Protein is the one macro that rebuilds muscle, saves your body from using muscle and will use your stored fat as fuel instead. When your body is lacking protein it will grab it from your muscles!❤️ Our bodies are so efficient, we just have to give it the right tools to run smoothly.

I love a smoothie before and after a workout!

I also like to add collagen to mine for that extra boost. Collagen is the number one component of the makeup of your skin! It helps diminish wrinkles, gives your skin more moisture and smoothness. It also acts like a cushion for your joints as we age. Since our bones are made of collagen, studies have shown it can prevent bone loss when taken consistently. It's also great for hair growth. I started taking it after my daughter was born when I was having the post partum hair loss and my hair dresser saw a significant difference after 3 months of daily intake.

I have gone through a lot of blenders over the years, but the Ninja will crush it all! If you follow me on instagram you will always see it peeping in my stories!

The individual cups with lids are my favorite part! No need to dirty more dishes when it blends in the cup you can drink out of!

Chocolate Mango Smoothie

Blend Fruit and milk first in blender, then add rest of ingredients and blend well.

Top with Cacao Nibs

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